slave17701: Oh God please let this happen!!! it has s...
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MasterTed : you WILL obey
MasterTed 58 y/o


Medicineman : Looking to Train/Teach, Explore Together or be Trained/Taught
Medicineman 53 y/o


 : Briefs/Jock Bottom
whtbrfs 46 y/o

slave looking for real time owner and NO GAMES


58 y/o from PA-Harrisburg, USA
Last logged in: 2010-10-22 06:54:39
domblkmaster,  domchub4sub,  gaymaster,  kcr691,  Master2pain,  Temutschin,  ...
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I am:

(subs, slaves, dogs, whores, sluts, boyholes, bitches, fagmeat)

City PA-Harrisburg
State/Province Pennsylvania
Country USA
Date of birth November - 1 - 1957
Personal Details
Relationship status Prefer not to say
Race Caucasian
Body type Average
Body Hair Average
Weight 166 - 180 lbs. / 76 - 82 kgs., 181 - 195 lbs. / 83 - 89 kgs.
Height 5'6" - 5'8" / 168 - 173 cms.
Hair Color Light Brown
Hair Length Short
Facial Hair Moustache
Eye Color Blue
Glasses / Contacts Glasses
Body Decorations  
Cock Size (Length) Average
Cock Size (Width) Average
Circumcised Yes
Sexual Role slave, sub, bottom, dog
Sexual Orientation Gay, queer, faggot, sissyboy
What You Wear Harness, Jeans, Nothing, Other
Attitude Passive, Pussy
Practice Safe Sex? Yes, No, Sometimes, Lets Talk About It
Smoking Habits Cigarettes
Drinking Nope
Drug Use Don't use recreational drugs
HIV Status Negative
Employment Full-time, House slave, Tradesman, Whore, slave rental, Other
Sexual Preferences 1-on-1, Couples, Group Sex, Gangbangs, Quick Fuck, Intense Session-Hours, Intense Session-Weekend, Long-Term Power Exchange, Other
Experience Level Some experience
Sexual Interests
Sexual Interests 24/7 (Total Power Exchange), Age Play, Ass Play, Ass Toys, Bareback, Bears, Blindfolds, Blood, His Body Hair, Bondage, Boots, Branding, Breath Play, Caging, Candle Wax, Chains, Chastity Devices, Choking, Cock& Ball Torture, Cock Sucking, Collar and Leash, Cubs, Daddies, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Electrotorture, Enemas, Exhibitionism, Feet, Fisting, Force Play, Fucking, Fucking Machine, Gangbangs, Hair Pulling, Handcuffs, Hoods, Jeans, Jocks, Jock Straps, Knives, Leather, Masks, Masochism, Masturbation, Mummification, Nipples, Obedience, Paddling, Pain, Piercing, Piss, Play Piercing, Power Exchange, Punching, Rack, Rape, Rimming, Roleplay, Roughtrade, Rubber, Sadism, Scat, Scent, Shaving, Shoes, Skinheads, Socks, Spanking, Spit, Straight/Bi Men, Submission, Tit Play, Torture, Underwear, Verbal Abuse, Vibrators, Voyeurism, Water Sports, WebMASTER Worship, Whipping, Worship, Wrestling
Tell the guys about yourself:
Oh God please let this happen!!! it has searched for so long and there are no real Masters anywhere! if only, this is a crule joke!

will someone please take it and use it???

very submissive to Master
seeking to become nothing more than property to become a dungeon slave and that life. to just vanish into it totally never free again. as a slave who knows what it is it understands what this means for it. no outs no say no options no safe words etc.. and fullyunderstands anything can happen. be careful for what you wish for. it wishes it could be imported to the netherlands or UK as they seem to know what it is all about.
it is still out here and willing to meet and be taken. no bullshit no problems just submit to being property.
hit it up please?
[email address removed]
that is its email address
let it know.
syill no Masters with the guts to get what they say they want! figures!

Ideal match description:
sadistic and very Dominate Master/Owner who is into watching this slave in use and gets off on the tourcher he is doing to it
it truly seeks to be taken or plucked from it's life now and transformed into property and made a true slave.
no options, no say, no choices, and no freedom. just meat or property.
if you are serious let it know. it can only hope there is a real place for it.
it is about ready to give up on this. if you are interested please let it know but only if you can make it happen.
one that will take it and confine it with no outs possable! no bullshit, be the Master take control and corner this fuck. slave is nothing more than property no rights. make it so.

Turn Ons:
nipple tourcher, dungeons, whips chains leather totaly helpless to a Master the dungeon slave life
a man who will do it and follow thru and use this slut slave for what it was born to be a piece of meat for a Masters pleasure. nothing more than property.

Turn Offs:
not to much mainly no kids

Details of the person he is looking for
His Body Type - Check All That Apply Slim, Average, Athletic, Muscular, Slightly overweight, Stocky, Large
His Age 40 - 99
His Race - Check All That Apply Black, Asian, Caucasian, East Indian, Hispanic, Native American, Latino, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Hot Mixture
His Body Hair - Check All That Apply Smooth, Shaved, Partially Shaved, Little, Average, Hairy, Jungle Growth
His Facial Hair - Check All That Apply Beard, Moustache, Goatee, Sideburns, Other, None
His Sexual Role - Check All That Apply MASTER, DOM, TOP
Practices Safe Sex? - Check All That Apply Yes, No, Sometimes, Lets Talk About It
His Smoking Habits - Check All That Apply Cigarettes
His Drug Use - Check All That Apply Choose not to say
His HIV Status - Check All That Apply Negative, Positive, Not Sure, No Answer
His Location - U.S. / Canadian City N/A
His City - International (non U.S. / Canadian) U.S.A. or world wide
His location - U.S. State / Canadian Province N/A
His Country N/A

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